Monday 26 February 2024
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Things You Can and Cannot Claim in a Family Health Insurance Plan

Things You Can and Cannot Claim in a Family Health Insurance Plan

Nowadays, every person needs the best insurance plan for their family so that their loved ones do not face any financial problems that may arise due to an ailment or injury. This means if you do not have the right health insurance plan, you will have to bear some or all the hospital expenses thereby affecting your savings. By choosing the appropriate health insurance plan, you can save your finances from getting drained. Similarly, for a young and budding family, opting for family health insurance makes the most sense. A family health insurance covers all the members of the family under one plan. The complete range of services provided by a good health insurance policy offers you many benefits. Although, you need to ensure some factors while buying the family health insurance plans. Listed below are the few things you can and cannot claim in a family floater health insurance plan. Let’s take a look –

Things You can Claim:

  • Pre-existing illnesses along with the waiting period.
  • Expenses related to the list of diseases that are covered under the family health insurance plan.
  • Reinstatement procedure under the conditions of family health insurance plans checking of co-payment clause
  • Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses under your family health insurance plans.
  • Reimbursement limit under various subheads

There are various benefits that a family can avail of while claiming a family health insurance, but you must keep a note of the above things before filing a health insurance claim. Also, you have to keep a check that whether the claim made towards your family floater policy has been approved or not. This will help you get your reimbursement on time.

Things You Cannot Claim:

We suggest that you should not misrepresent any facts related to your family’s medical problems. Suppose you do not provide proper information or give false details about your family or their health condition, then it may result in the cancellation of the policy. Thus, do not give inaccurate or incomplete documents as it may increase the chances of rejection of the policy. Also, if there is an issue in providing the documents on time, then inform your insurance company about the reason in advance so that the procedure of your family health insurance claim is not placed on hold. The more you delay, the more you face problems while getting your family health insurance claim approved.