Friday 1 December 2023
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Entertaining Quizzes In E-Learning System

Entertaining Quizzes In E-Learning System

Trivia is certainly not only a game for adults, it is also for kids because it can boost their memory. This game is a way of learning for more people, you can learn faster through enjoyable activities.


Fun quiz games can make children and adults interested in knowledge quizzes. The kids will love to answer these fun games because it gives easy questions and answers. What are some examples of enjoyment quiz games? This best online enjoying quiz games you can have an amazing test to comfort you and feel free. When it comes to make a quiz for fun, there’s a some examples you can have:

  • Who Is?
  • Tricky puzzles
  • It’s Story time
  • Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories
  • Ice breaker questions
  • Easy nursery questions
  • Fun pub trivia questions
  • Play trivia games parties

This trivia quiz is good for:

  • Parties
  • Social gatherings
  • Family reunions
  • Pub events
  • School groups
  • Virtual trivia nights

The benefits to have a funny quizzes games are the following:

  • The students will be more active. When the teacher is giving funny games, the students are more active in participating in the funny quizzes games they will get challenged.

  • Quizzes can increase their motivation. The student will get a top score during funny games because they will pay more attention to the teachers and lessons.

  • Funny quiz games can easily recall the lessons. When the students can play quizzes over and again, the lessons will stick in their mind.

  • Funny online quizzes can reduce the stress of a student because it has music backgrounds and live dashboards. Examples are Kahoot, Quizzizz, and more. These are games where you will compete with other students to have a high score.


The reasons why to have trivia or funny games?

●       Quizzes are more fun because learning is fun to learn better. Especially for teachers, the funny quiz can relax their students and they love it.

●       Quizzes can build self confidence.

The customized tests can boost their confidence because they will get challenges. Confidence can make you grow and succeed.

  • The quizzes for children can support the plan and identification process.

The quizzes are a method you can help your learners that they have learned. In this way, you can make steps so that quizzes are more enjoyable.

  • The quizzes can support visualized learning.

The quizzes are easy to visual learn if you apply some design ideas to the template that has a trivia.