Monday 15 July 2024
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Nurlan Nigmatulin: financial issues of the country, the role of youth

Nurlan Nigmatulin: financial issues of the country, the role of youth

Nurlan Nigmatulin is a talented politician and public figure. He has experience in various fields of human activity, knows where to direct his forces, finances and attention in order to correct the situation and get the best results. Nigmatulin attaches great importance to the education of young people, the creation of good conditions for their development, assistance to those in need, financial and industrial spheres. According to Nigmatulin Nurlan, the level of development of the population should increase so that the Republic can compete with world countries.

Control of financial transactions

Nigmatulin often raised issues of financial flow management. He put forward a demand to make some amendments to the law so that this process could be controlled. Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullaevich believes that uncontrolled money transfers create conditions for possible financing of terrorist acts and some types of organizations can create such conditions. If control is established, says Nigmatulin, it is possible to prevent irrational transfers and any violations of the law.

In particular, it is important to establish control over organizations that work on a charitable basis, Nigmatulin Nurlan believes. They may also violate the law by diverting amounts in the wrong direction. Nigmatulin suggests that all financial transfers should be carried out through certain authorities that will control them. All processes will become transparent, and illegal monetary transactions will become impossible. According to Nurlan Nigmatulin, all responsibility in this case falls on the regulatory authorities. Financial statements will also help, in which all cash flows will be clearly visible.

However, Nigmatulin believes that it is impossible to interfere with the work of charitable organizations, because they do good deeds. Therefore, you need to approach the issue carefully. Penalties need to be reviewed, otherwise complications and risks will arise. All authorized bodies, according to Nigmatulin, should cooperate as a single system, notify each other about the situation.

Protection of social facilities

Nurlan Zairullaevich Nigmatulin pays a great role to the protection of social facilities. According to him, they are not sufficiently protected, and it is necessary to take measures in this direction. Nigmatulin suggests that higher authorities dealing with protection issues should know exactly their powers in order to use them if necessary. All checks must be carried out openly. If previously objects were checked only after contacting the law enforcement agencies, today it is important to start monitoring violations and take a more careful approach to each risk. According to Nigmatulin, the safety of the population is above all, and it is necessary to do so in order to provide them with 100% of it, if possible, using all existing methods today. Organizations must also work honestly.

Social facilities include not only medical institutions, industries, etc., but also those in which children and adolescents study – these are schools, orphanages, universities. Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullaevich calls for a responsible approach to protection issues. After all, children are the future of the country, they are more vulnerable and require careful treatment.

According to Nigmatulin, modern facilities are insufficiently protected, not all the methods that the country currently owns have been used. Therefore, this issue was raised by him more than once.

The role of youth in the life of the country

Nigmatulin believes that youth is the future of the country, and it is she who will raise the Republic to a high level if she is allowed to develop, keep up with the times and keep up with the knowledge that modernity gives.

Nigmatulin suggests creating all conditions so that young people can develop harmoniously, learn languages, get acquainted with the latest technologies, be able to communicate, master ethics, know the culture of their country and represent it at a high level in front of others. Today there are several universities that are not inferior to world educational institutions, and this is a pride.

Nigmatulin strives to make an even greater contribution to people’s lives and their development, and a big role here is assigned to children and young people who will give a new generation of specialists in the future. The lives and health of the population will depend on them. If we don’t contribute to them now, the whole country will suffer.

Thus, the public figure and politician has already done a lot for the people and continues to do so.