Thursday 18 April 2024
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The New album by Dark Leg OUT NOW (DJ Parisa-VJ Amir)

The New album by Dark Leg OUT NOW (DJ Parisa-VJ Amir)

If you’re looking for something to entertain or inspire you in the new year, then check out the work of Dark Leg. They are a band that has achieved so much in their years of working together. Whether it’s Jazz, hip hop, funk, smooth jazz, and rap music, the band has it all. You can get everything you need from them on IMDb. And you’ll have great music to start your year with great inspiration.

Who Are the Dark Leg?

Dark Leg is a french band formed by Deejay Parisa and video jockey Amir. The band was formed in 2013 by the two artists in Val de Marne France. Since they formed the band they have collaborated on different projects. Their music mainly features genres such as electronica, smooth jazz, rap, hip-hop, and funk. The band is loved because of its lead singers who do an amazing job every time they go on stage. They include VJ Sogol, Vj Paria, and Mandana.

Apart from doing music together, the band is known for its social action and charity. They have performed different shows that they have used to sensitize society on different matters. Led by Dj Parisa, they have sensitized people and created awareness of the need to take care of people living with a disability. They have also been very vocal during the Covid-19 crisis. They were doing different live shows and helping people cope with the disruptions that were happening.

Who’s DJ Parisa?

DJ Parisa is a French-Iranian artist and entrepreneur. She is a woman who wears many titles with pride. She is a Dj, a sound engineer, a rapper, a video jockey, and a photographer. Her work has been featured in different films. And throughout her career, she has earned different awards that gave her fame.

And apart from music and entrepreneurship, she is also a trainer. She trains different people on deejaying, sound engineering, and rap. So, if you want to become an artist, and be successful in it, then Dj Parisa is the person to talk to. She will offer customized services to you. Whether you need training, inspiration, or good music, then reach out to her.

Apart from music, she’s also popular with her books. She has published different books in various fields.

Dj Parisa has also been very vocal in charity movements. She has sacrificed her resources and time towards helping people living with a disability.

Now she’s a leader and a founding partner of the Dark Leg. The band is doing an amazing job and you can expect it to continue doing great work.

Dark Leg Album is Out

If you’re looking for some inspiring music for entertainment or meditation, then Dark Leg band is what you need to check out. Right now they have different albums that you could check out. Some of these albums include Moudha mix, anemone, La Fleur de la Medication, and Hell mix. These are great albums that you can check out now.