Tuesday 18 June 2024
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The Good Side of choosing an Elopement Photographer

The Good Side of choosing an Elopement Photographer

Are you looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding? Elopements are becoming more and more popular, with couples opting for intimate gatherings that only include the people they want to be there.

What Is It?

When you get married, not all weddings are the same. Some people have large expensive ceremonies with big crowds while others just go to city hall and have an intimate gathering at home afterward for their closest family members and friends.

Eloping means that you cut out some of the elements of a traditional wedding in order to make it more simple. One of the best Elopement Photographers I know is Tessa Anne Photography!

Elopements are usually small affairs with only close family and friends present, and they often take place in a non-traditional location such as the beach or mountainside.

This blog post will go into detail about 3 benefits of choosing an elopement photographer!


First: The first one is that elopements are incredibly intimate. Elopement weddings usually have only the couple, their officiant, and a photographer present – sometimes this is even extended to family members or close friends!

This allows for an experience where you can truly feel like it’s just you two against the world (in all of its beauty).


Second: One more thing… with having such a small group at your service, there will never be any unwanted guests or obligations during your elopement.

So many couples report feeling uncomfortable when they choose a traditional wedding because there could always be someone who tries to talk politics or causes drama during what should be a celebration. With an elopement, there are no distractions!

Third: Another benefit is getting fantastic photos since photographers who shoot elopements are often experienced with being alone in the wild.

As an extension of that, you’ll have plenty of time for portraits to be taken – sometimes, it can even feel like there’s no one else around!

This is perfect if you’re looking for a few photos without guests present or want something different from your wedding photography portfolio.


Elopements are also very relaxed because they often take place in beautiful outdoor settings. Couples can enjoy everything from forests to beaches for their ceremony sites, and the beauty of nature will make your photographs feel even more special!

Many couples find that having all eyes on them during important moments allows them to see each other – something impossible with guests presents truly.

You only have one photographer means that they can always stay nearby without being overwhelmed by large crowds either. There’s nothing like photographing every single moment together throughout the day, so both of you get exactly what you want out of it!

Best Part?

Another benefit of hiring an elopement photographer is that there isn’t another wedding happening simultaneously. Many couples hire photographers who also shoot weddings because they love capturing both sides of life.

However, some brides may be uncomfortable with having someone photograph them while getting ready when there are other people in attendance at their ceremony site. With an elopement, your schedule will already be set.

Hence, you know exactly what time others should arrive at the ceremony site, and you can have a separate team for your wedding portraits, allowing everyone to feel comfortable!

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, elopements allow for a unique and intimate experience that both you and your partner can enjoy. The lack of crowds, family drama, or political disagreements will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace with the world – it’s truly an incredible thing!