Tuesday 16 July 2024
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How Life Science Technologies are Helping Climate Change Targets?

How Life Science Technologies are Helping Climate Change Targets?

The government’s climate targets are beyond reach. Without the help of life scientists, we might never make them at all.

Life science careers are the driving force behind many businesses going green right now. Their skills, knowledge, and expertise, help business owners to find newer, cleaner ways of doing things. This has never been a bigger factor than it is right now, in 2022. Life scientists are studying the impact of pollution on our planet in the hopes they can find solutions. Driving change through innovation, many researchers have developed modern technology that can help change the world, save the climate, and stop us all from killing the planet that provides for us.

Here are just some of the advances in technology that are powered by life scientists who are trying to protect our world against climate destruction.

What are Climate Change Targets?

Climate change targets are those goals set out by national governments around the world. The point of these goals is to help keep climate change in check, and to lower the damage done wherever we can. Targets that the government set out might include a freeze on the rise of global warming, at this moment, the world leaders have determined that no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius of a rise in ocean temperatures is the maximum acceptable rise per year.

Other targets involve getting more cars off the road, switching to renewable energy sources, and preserving natural areas for future generations. Conservation works around the world are ongoing as we move towards midnight on the Doomsday Clock. If we don’t’ act fast, the environment we are fighting to save will slowly kill us in return.

Life Science Technologies Changing the World for the Better

There are some epic innovative technologies which aim to deal with some of these targets. Here are a few of our favourites.

Climeworks Units

These innovative machines physically capture carbon from the air and mix it with water. They then compress it and send it deep down into the earth’s core, where it came from. The trapped Co2 will remain there forever, or until it mineralises itself into something prettier.

Water Fountains in Drought

There are now machines that can pull water out of the air in the driest places on earth. These machines rely on a material compound which attracts water particles and stores them as icicles. These machines will effectively produce giant ice towers when they place them on the ground.

Ocean Clean-ups

Head over to the Ocean Clean Up site and have a look at the dazzling technologies the scientists are using to clean up the ocean on a massive scale. When it comes to climate change, we need much more of this energy.

Applying those Changes to Business

The best way for your firm to start applying the changes we need is to hire a scientist to do the research for you. A clinical data scientist can evidence and research any papers you would like them to write. You can find one here, at We suggest you focus on your products or services and how they can change to help amend the problem of the climate crisis. A clinical data manager will create a positive outlook on your products by changing the environmental costs behind them. Use this method to create greener products and to become part of the solution. Your customers are depending on you. Now is the time.