Tuesday 18 June 2024
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How can you make your parrot happy and occupied?

How can you make your parrot happy and occupied?

Talking birds have the power to repeat human speech, which makes them unique to other types of pets. You will find them charming and extraordinary. That is why they have been popular for years. You have to know the care tips when taking care of a bird. Most new parents don’t know how to take care of them. They only know that it is easy to manage, but they don’t know what your parrot will like. By visiting, they have an idea of how you can take care of different species. It will help you since you are a beginner.

Buy a safe and enough space for a cage.

Your first job is to find a cage to make it their home. Some pens have different sizes and shapes. While shopping, you must remember that cells have to be wide enough to spread their wings. Also, put a small padlock for their doors because they are smart enough to figure out how they can open the door. Using a padlock will ensure that they are inside their cage when you are out of your house. You can add boxes, paper bags, and towels to their cell to give them a hiding place. It is also essential to provide them with things so they can snuggle under to make them at home in their cage.

Put the cage in a good location.

When you are still learning to care for your parrot, you look for an excellent place to put their cage. Birds are sensitive to light, fumes, and temperature. Their area needs to have good ventilation. Those fumes from cigarettes, cooking gases, and cleaning chemicals can harm your birds. It is why they are not putting cages near the kitchen. The fumes that are from the kitchen are dangerous to your pet bird.

Aside from the kitchen, you have to avoid putting birds near the window. You thought it was an excellent idea because it gives them good ventilation, but it is not. They might be direct to sunlight which can cause them to overheat. It is the same with drafts. You have to keep them away from doors, windows, and vents. But birds love to socialize, and you can place them in the living room where you can spend more time with your parrot.

Clean their cage more often.

It is necessary to keep their cage clean, and the best way you can do this is by cleaning them every two days. Many people are using paper because it is affordable and easier to clean. It will work best when you have many paper bags, towels, and newspapers. You have to put it over their bedding so you don’t want them to touch it because it can cause mold and bacteria.

Give chewable treats and toys.

Birds like to play, which means they want to have toys. It can kill their time when you give them toys as they can play with them whenever you are out of the house. Most birds love to chew their toys because chewing puts their beak in good condition. You better give them chewable toys and goods. You can provide them with rawhide chews, pinecones, and tree branches. Other birds like to tear up the corn and cardboard. Toys are a sign of entertainment which makes them occupied when they have nothing to do.